The ethical, more and more important reasons at the time of consuming

20-05-2019 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates

That the consumption model is in constant change is a fact. The consumer, generally, or looks much more there with which the main necessity that is satisfied it covers the product, or the price that it has with respect to the competition. Although logically these continue being some drivers very determining of purchase, is another motivation that is acquiring a decisive importance: the reputation that has our brand and its relation with ethical concepts as ecologism, the circular economy, solidarity or the collaborative economy.

The consumer evaluates the companies it jeopardize

All these values have happened to be much more sensible for the consumer. Thus, we see how it is raising to the reputation and the image name brand of the companies that responsibly manage the natural resources, that offer an suitable treatment to their employees and who manage the delocalisation in emergent countries with ethical criteria. Really, that contributes value to the general interest and to the society, and not only to they themselves as buying individuals. The consumer has adopted a new one brings back to consciousness more sensible and, along with the considerable increase of power that brand-client has gained in the relation, he feels like indispensable to much more take care of the corporative image in terms of RSC and sustainability.

The ethical values of the brands in €œnumbers€

This preoccupation towards the ethical values of the brands has been reflected in the study €œAnother consumption for a better future€, made by the Organization of Consumers and Usuarios (OCU) in collaboration with Global NESI Forum (Forum of New Economy and Social Innovation). In that investigation, they have analyzed indeed the effect that has the new behaviors of the Spanish consumers in their actual decisions of purchase.

According to it is reflected in the study, nothing else and nothing less than 73% of the survey ones (of a total of 1,284 people, being a representative sample of the Spanish population) openly declares to give a great importance him to the ethical and ecological aspects at the time of making its decisions from purchase. One is a very high percentage that endorses clearly this tendency of consumption, since it can pour off a great number of sales in very competitive markets in which the differentiation prevails.

The empoderamiento of the consumer: the origin of this tendency

It is being increased brings back to consciousness of which it is possible to penalize the behaviors that are considered abusive on the part of the companies, as well as to award those that agrees with their values and preferences. In this sense, the study determines that 62% of the Spanish consumers consider that its consumption is a very powerful tool to change the world, reaffirming this new privileged position. 57%, in addition, feel identified with the values of the brands that benefit to the people and the planet.

Evidently, so that these phenomena consolidate as generalized tendency, they must be followed of more or less massive form. The new responsible forms to consume according to ethical values, are become viral and widely accepted by the great majority of consumers. But the task is complicated in many occasions by a series of barriers that, actually, makes difficult that the consumers are congruent to the one hundred percent at the time of always consuming of ethical form. The lack of information (in a 60% of the cases), the price (58%), the accessibility (54%) and the difficulty to find responsible companies ethically speaking (52%) is the main stumbling blocks that find the consumers to be able to take to end their will to consume ethically.

This tendency supposes a great latent opportunity for the brands that want to be different themselves adopting this series from values so widely accepted. How they can adapt it to his strategies of marketing? To facilitate products that have ethical character with effort (36% of the survey ones would be arranged to pay a small cost overrun by ecological products 100%), or to take care of plus Responsabilidad Social Corporativa (RSC) of the brands can be very advisable strategies to differentiate and to secure a competitive advantage to us in a more and more sensible market to these values.

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