Six new functions to improve engagement in LinkedIn

02-08-2019 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates

With 610 million users and eleven million in Spain, LinkedIn has become the professional social network par excellence. To offer or search work, to do networking and to harness the personal brand are the main utilities for the particular users. As far as the companies, usually it is also an interesting tool of marketing and even of sales.

And this is thus because, actually, LinkedIn has become the data base of potential B2B clients greater of the world. He is the great world-wide professional directory and a network of business intelligence that unites to professionals and companies to occur to know, to share useful information, to generate a confidence network and to find partners with which to undertake projects and businesses.

The effectiveness of LinkedIn is based on the right management of two key factors. On the one hand, its utility as agenda to organize a platform of contacts with which to weave a good network of networking. Secondly, its possibilities to design a strategy of marketing of contents, that allows us to wake up the interest of the market and to obtain that some clients call to our door. The contents allow us to position to us as professionals or brands within our sector to generate confidence, leads and business. This is such an important info, we are using cheap vps server hosting to ensure that people know about this information. Using a managed vps hosting is really helpful for us to manage our web. It has been helpful with PHP and HTML as well. Not only that, you can also use a dedicated server for game hosting if that is what you need. Or maybe you can gather more information about unlimited bandwidth hosting and see if it is what you need.

From its beginnings, LinkedIn has based part of its strength on the generation of interest contents. When it was acquired by Microsoft in 2016, it underwent a substantial change in his design and the incorporation of new professional tools, that are improving once in a while. Now it returns to give a new return of nut to improve the interactions with the incorporation of six new functions, that we happened to shell next:

1. To incorporate labels in the photographies

When raising an image in the platform, now we can even label to our contacts and to other profiles with which we are not connected directly. The maximum number of users to label in each photography is of 30. A precaution that we must take: this functionality can generate annoyances to the profiles with thousands of contacts that are mentioned in a publication countless number.

2. To manage the reactions

Until now we counted on the button €œto recommend€. However, LinkedIn understands that the conversations have different shades and that with this button it was not able to express everything what the users really feel. For this reason, and with the aim of increasing engagement between the users, it has now incorporated the €œreactions with emoji€ that they allow to clarify what before it was grouped under the brand of the recommendation.

These €œemotions€ are different from which we found on Facebook. LinkedIn offers, at this first moment, the following fan of reactions: €œlike€ (expressed with the image of the thumb upwards), €œapplause€ (thought to celebrate the good news of the contacts), €œheart€ (at the moments in which it is wanted to express esteem or happiness around the publication), the €œlight bulb€ (it transmits that the idea that has shared is intelligent) and the €œcuriosity€ (to express that an idea has made us reflect or it has intrigued to us). With these reactions, the companies can draw conclusions for their plans of marketing.

3. Videos in the private messages

The video is one of the formats with greater acceptance in all the social networks, and Linkedin was not going to be an exception. In addition to being able to share videos with our contacts or groups, the platform now allows to be able to do it through the private mail.

4. Possibility of sharing documents

It was not understood well that in a professional network as LinkedIn has not had until now the option to share documents. This deficiency has happened or to history because either it is possible to share presentations of PowerPoint or pdf, or to send a curriculum, to share enterprise information or to work with our equipment. From now on or we can share these documents with a publication in feed, the groups or the page.

5. The bellboys of publication and mail improve

The new design causes that it is easier to publish a message from any part of LinkedIn. The button to share now is in the part inferior of your screen and the button to send messages in the right part superior.

6. A new menu for hashtags and groups

The publications of the groups to whom we belong and of hashtags that we followed have happened to be in background to now occupy a preferred position to a single click. It has his logic because it is considered that they own interest information that increases the permanence in the network.

It is enough with clicking in the photo of profile to see the listing of recommendations in the movable application. In the version we told on feed well well-known the right of the screen.

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