The average native digitalises begin to be profitable

04-08-2019 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates

They have consolidated already as informative references of the Spaniards. Next to the versions online of the great traditional heads (El Pa­s, El Mundo, La Vanguardia, El Peri³dico, ABC, La Raz³n€¦), native the average calls digital dispute the first positions in the hearing ranking. And not only that: many of them already begin to be profitable. We really want our web to grow bigger, and we are lucky to have found such a wonderful vps hosting company that has been there for us through our ups and downs. Our low cost vps hosting has been helping us with MySQL, PHP, HTML, etc. But, you obviously have other option such as cheap dedicated server linux especially if you are using that particular operating system.  There is another option that you have, which is a cheap unlimited web hosting that not only is cheap but powerful as well.

The data speak in case single

First, the data. If we threw a look to Comscore, system of measurement of the hearings onlines, we see how many of the means that occupy the positions of head of the ranking are daily native digitalises. If we fitted ourselves to the ten first positions, in the month of April the Confidential one occupied the sixth place; The Spanish, 7º put;, the eighth, and OKDiario, ninth.

One is not any surprise, since these four titles already have occupied these privileged people positions during long time. The newness is that, for the first time, all of them have communicated that enjoy positive an economic balance. Ve¡moslo, one by one.

The Confidential one

With 18 years of history to his backs, he is one of the pioneering titles of the native digital press. In 2018, with 18 million Euros of income (four more than the previous year), it obtained a benefit of 3.3 million, slightly bases superior to the one of the previous year.

The Spanish

Directed by Pedro J. Ram­rez, he has entered the footpath of the benefits recently. In 2018, he obtained a positive EBITDA of 226,000 Euros after starting up a triennial financial plan. The forecasts aim at that it will close 2019 with a positive result near the million Euros, which would be the first net benefit of their short history.

Also it can presume of positive economic performance Created in 2012 by Ignacio Escolar, from his beginnings it has obtained positive economic performance. In 2018, it obtained a invoicing of 6.6 million of Euros (a 35% more than the previous year) and some benefits of 394,458 Euros.


As far as OKDiario, led by Eduardo Inda, it reached his break even in 2017, only two years after his birth. This digitalis obtained in 2018 a benefit of 377,000 Euros, with some income of 6.6 million Euros (a 35% more than the previous year).

A business model that is going to change

The model of business of digital newspapers is different from the one from the traditional press of paper. This has two main routes of income: the sale of unit and the income by publicity. The average digitalises, on the other hand, have centered their business essentially in the advertising income, although they also have tried other complementary options: the subscriptions, the organization of events, sales through stores online, etc.

The publicity, as it is saying, is to date its main source of income. The advertising invoicing depends to a great extent on the volume of hearing that manages to obtain, and comes from three great sources: the direct visits of its faithful readers, obtained through finders (especially Google) and the derived ones from the social networks (with Facebook as great generator of visits, although Instagram has taken much terrain lately).

But to base a business model on the criteria that establish two operators as Google and Facebook, and on the changes in its algorithms that these establish once in a while, supposes a great weakness. Therefore, the average digitalises are trying to deceive their €˜googledependencia€™ and its €˜facebookdependencia€™ with new routes of entrance. The new paradigm pointed by gurºs the digital and own managers of means has a clear direction: the collection by digital contents.

The implantation of €˜payment walls€™ and the €˜digital means subscriptions€™ different is the great bet of many means (native and digital versions of traditional heads) facing the next year. Lack to know the details this new strategy that will follow the tried way or with great success by average as The New York Times, The Washington Post or The Atlantic.

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