Campaign of presentation of XX the edition of the Prizes Effectiveness

22-10-2018 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates

#TºHacesEficacia. With this hashtag so direct and powerful one appears, nothing else and nothing less, than XX the edition of the Prizes Effectiveness that is celebrated the 25 of October. And as 20 years are not marked every day, from the Spanish Association of Advertisers and SCOPEN, that are in charge to impel and to organize this event, they have thought about doing something different. (more€¦)

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New house for Average GuelphinFinitinissan

01-06-2017 by Javier Mu±oz

Photo of equipment in Average GuelphinFinitinissan

From this past Monday the Average equipment of GuelphinFinitinissan has new house.

A step forward where the ample spaces with an intimate atmosphere are based that it invites to the deepening. Greater amplitude, personalisation and fusion with the values of Average GuelphinFinitinissan. The new surroundings are inspiration and we are very happy for being able to count it.

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Prizes EFI 2016: the creativity returns to reign

10-11-2016 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates

Doubtless, the EFI are some very special prizes. Because, in a sector as our where the creativity is the unquestionable star of the footlights, the Prizes Effectiveness that organizes the Spanish Association of Anunciantes (AEA) help us to remember that the commercial effectiveness is the authentic motor that moves to the publicity and it equips it with sense.

They do not concern the international awards. It does not concern the recognition of our colleagues. They do not concern the trophies nor the reviews in specialized means. Nothing of this has sense if the publicity help to the clients not to sell.

And nevertheless, effectiveness and (good) creativity always go united of the hand. Probably, if we had to summarize in a single phrase all occurred the past the 27 of October in the finery of prizes that took place in the most appropriate the Real de Madrid Theater would be: €œwe were right€.

Because, throwing a fast awarded look to the list of, we were with some of the tendencies on which we have in the last spoken months to you from Average GuelphinFinitinissan. In an especially digital world as that we lived, where the innovation and the technology seem to be the rules of game that dominate everything, in the EFI we have seen as so basic elements, so of all the vidad as emocionalidad, storytelling, inclusividad and branded content has shone with more force than ever. Back to the origins in all rule.

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When the publicity became inclusive

11-10-2016 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates Publicity inclusiva_Ikimedia

The first years of the new millenium ran when Coca Cola once again broke the schemes of the advertising industry with this clear spot example of inclusive publicity:

Something had to see the boys of McCann Erickson Argentina to campaign in 2002 thus, when the publicity still lived under the yoke of the hiper-segmentation of the ninety. At that time, the theory of the positioning of Jack Trout and To Ries was the unquestionable queen of the dance and all the brands were rocked to his are pawned on looking for a virgin piece of the market. The search of niches and micro-targets prevailed in all the agencies and the strategy departments squeezed the neurons diseccionando and subdiviendo in categories the potential market of the brand.


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The meter that never arrived (Cazafantasmas/Sony Pictures)

12-07-2016 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates

Sometimes, brands and agencies we insisted on making a conventional use of means, without considering the potentialities that these can offer to us beyond the application that always we have known him. Graphical television, radio, means, cinema, outside€¦ offer a countless number to us of opportunities to reach millionaire hearings of an impressive form.

In order to take to end these actions, it is required to know the potentialities means, the expectations and use that the hearings do of each means and, by all means, also depends on the predisposition towards the innovation that presents each means. In this sense, it is indeed the means of that we are going to speak today, the outside, one of which and better initiatives are starting up facing improving their effectiveness more. The outer publicity is, perhaps next to the cinema, the means that better are being re-invented to satisfy the needs with its advertisers.


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