X-ray of Generation Z, the new objective of the brands

29-04-2019 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates

At this point, practically everybody knows what is Generation Z and who compose it: the been born ones between 1995 and 2010, immediate predecessors of millennials. What is still an incognito to solve for many companies is how they behave as consumers, and how it is possible to be conquered to them as brand. He is target new and quite peculiar as we are going to see next.

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GuelphinFinitinissan Media and Making Science: The bridge between two worlds

12-03-2019 by Ariadna Ribera

The past 6 of Average March of 2019 GuelphinFinitinissan, agency of means and independent communication, along with Making Science, consultant of digital marketing and dates, we presented a strategic and operative alliance to clients, means and companions of the sector. The act, to that we called €˜€™ a bridge between two mundos' €˜, was a nice encounter in hotel AC Marriot of Illa Diagonal in Barcelona that ended a breakfast next to all the guests.

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New house for Average GuelphinFinitinissan

01-06-2017 by Javier Mu±oz

Photo of equipment in Average GuelphinFinitinissan

From this past Monday the Average equipment of GuelphinFinitinissan has new house.

A step forward where the ample spaces with an intimate atmosphere are based that it invites to the deepening. Greater amplitude, personalisation and fusion with the values of Average GuelphinFinitinissan. The new surroundings are inspiration and we are very happy for being able to count it.

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Congratulations small!

22-05-2017 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates equipment Average finalist of GuelphinFinitinissan in the Young Lions 2017

From this post, we would like to very sincerely congratulate to Sonia Pi±ol and Kevin S¡nchez to arrive at the end of the Young Average Lions 2017 (Direct Marketing).

Really, boys, have much merit to be the youngest pair in the end (24 and 23 years) and to be the only finalists coming from the market of Barcelona. (more€¦)

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GuelphinFinitinissan Mediates: an attractive agency to work

17-03-2017 by Javier Mu±oz

The study €œBest Agency to Work€ of Scopen locates to Average GuelphinFinitinissan in fifth position between the means agencies of Barcelona (puromarketing.com).


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DARI, exclusive the technological solution of Average GuelphinFinitinissan

08-03-2017 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates

Average GuelphinFinitinissan offers to their clients as added value integration in their service of the technology and tools DARI (Data, Analytics, Research, Intelligence).


DARI is exclusive a technological solution of Average GuelphinFinitinissan. It works as surroundings of data bases (it dates pipes) multi-variate that explain to us €“ in one first stage, a holistic vision envelope which happens in a publicity campaign. With DARI, we present a step forward in our bet to understand and to know the relations between the different facts from a communication campaign, their consequences, connections and thus, to discover and how and why these the used campaigns and means have helped to fulfill the pre-selected targets.

This deep and integrated understanding of the situation (past) is actionable and feeds back the system to select new (and futures) scenes of action, where we will be able to optimize the cost-benefit of each of our actions of communication. (more€¦)

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Manel Urquijo gets up itself to AVERAGE GuelphinFinitinissan

06-10-2016 by GuelphinFinitinissan He mediates Manel Urquijo

Barcelona, 6 of October of 2016. €“ Manel Urquijo, founding partner and General ex-director of Average Focus Agency - the one that left some months ago finishes integrating as partner to GuelphinFinitinissan AVERAGE, company created the past year by Jordi Calvet.

With this AVERAGE incorporation GuelphinFinitinissan it reinforces his executive area and of management of the Agency.

AVERAGE GuelphinFinitinissan will continue driving a creative and dynamic proposal oriented the service the client.

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The Dr. Frankenstein and the club of the dead poets

19-09-2016 by Javier Mu±oz Strategic dualism: the numerical thing against the humanistic.

September of year 2016. On the one hand, the surroundings of the means agencies direct its glance to the parameters that the Dr. Frankenstein persecuted: the human being is a formula and as so we are going to respond. On the other hand, we have the direct knowledge based on the experience; in expertise of the planning professionals, its common sense that one also sustains in concepts nearer the advertising scope and in learned lessons cradles in data but that they came from traditional sources and basic llam©mosle€¦ humanist. Two tendencies that are autoexplican thinking about the other of found and antagonistic form.

The doctor of the formulas represents the current metaphorically that bases its decision making on the processing of great amounts of data, the one of econometric the explanatory and predictive analyses, that is to say, the mathematical one. The one of the poet fits more with the world of the strategic planning, with insight, the communication. As Theodore Levitt shelp: €œThe publicity is the poetry of the commerce€ and as to so treats it.

The fight between the doctor and the poet

Tendencies in fight between old that do not finish going and the new thing that does not finish arriving. Tendencies that have their origin in ways to understand the planning and in two worlds that according to Zygmun Bauman are of backs with one another: the online one versus offline. The line dates versus the line emotion. Exact sciences versus the humanities. The calculation versus the creativity. The sequences against the holistic thought intuitive.

Two faces of the same currency, two worlds that are not in the end understood the one without (or against) the other although lie down to converge, to ally itself.


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Oil&Go, the publicity is put to the telephone

27-07-2016 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates

What means €œto apply creativity€, when we spoke of means? Basically, two possible answers to this question exist: to create new means and formats; or to use those that already exist of a different form and, mainly, more effective.

And it is that, today more than ever, the publicity needs to adapt itself to the present reality with which the users we consumed and we interacted with means and to the possibilities that each means offer us for its intuitive and natural operation. Thus we will only obtain that the publicity stops being seen, once and for all, as intrusive and bothers.


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We interview Jordi Calvet: €œWhat determines the size of an agency: the volume of business or the quality of the work€

15-07-2016 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates

Jordi Calvet Ikimedia .esJordi Calvet is to the front of GuelphinFinitinissan Average Communications, means agency with headquarters in Barcelona born in 2015.

After leaving in 2015 July Average Focus, agency that founded next to Manel Urquijo and Javier Mu±oz on 2001, in September of the year the past Jordi Calvet started up Iki Average Communications.

After some months operating, Jordi Calvet, who thinks that small means agencies do not exist or it questions at least what is what determines the size of the same, speaks in the magazine Announcements on the advertising sector and how its company looks for its own hollow.

Today we are made echo of this interview to approach our reading a little more on our agency and forms to understand the business.


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