10 indicators to find when perfect influencer for your brand

25-02-2016 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates influencers


When we spoke of influencer in the scope of the present communication, we talked about to a person recognized in the digital world, that even enjoys a solid reputation and certain social success, which contributes a high capacity to him of influence on the decisions of purchase of its hearing.

This recognition comes from the high knowledge that it owns on a discipline or area of specialization towards which it is oriented, where it is a generator of opinion and a magnet to detect emergent tendencies.


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Average Scope 2015: The advertisers bet by the quality and the creative use of means

15-02-2016 by GuelphinFinitinissan He mediates means

We already have the results of the study AVERAGE SCOPE 2015, that this year celebrates his tenth first edition. As you already know, this study analyzes the image, quality and effectiveness of Spanish advertising means from the point of view of the current trends and of their clients, that is to say, the means advertisers and agencies. Probably this one is the one of the exercises of more famous and influential analyses of the sector, given high representativeness that it has (in him they approximately participate to 287 professionals of agencies and 70% of the advertisers).

As it could not be otherwise, their results contribute to light and common sense to a sector, the one of the publicity, too much disturbed by the interests and pressures of the agents who participate in him and the fleeting fashions and tendencies. Next we will deepen on the most remarkable conclusions of the study of this year.


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How YouTube improvement the planning of your campaigns?

11-02-2016 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates planning

If we spoke of means, the television continues being the king. No other means reach to so many homes nor have a similar notoriety. Nevertheless, its consumption no longer is the one that used to be, mainly between some segments of the population. In fact, according to data of the EGM, in Spain there is a 11% of the population (4.5 mm people) that does not see TV on a daily basis. And other so many consume 90 minutes per day less than. Altogether, we are speaking of 9 million people, a data than more significant.

In the attempt to understand and to reach to this aloof population two names arise; the one of the generation that represent them better, millenials, and the one of alternative audio-visual means to reach them, the digital platforms of video and their superstar, YouTube.


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Snapchat: the incredible success of the minivideos that self-destruct

11-02-2016 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates Snapchat

If you have more than 35 years, probably you are not usuary of Snapchat. You do not feel like culprit for that reason; this application devastates basically between youngest. But the fact that you do not use it, it does not reduce value to the tremendous success that app is having between millenials worldwide. And that, in spite of the problems on recently aerated filtrations and privacy.

The fact is that his more than 100 million active users in the world they are very active;  in fact, 54% of use it on a daily basis to them. Proof of it, Snapchat counts on some truly dizzying data of traffic: every day shares in the world the trifle of 6,000 million videos and almost 700 million images.


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Welcome to the small great world of Average GuelphinFinitinissan

11-02-2016 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates GuelphinFinitinissan Mediates

Loved Reader:

Our agency of Communication finishes beginning its walking. Luckily, it accompanies in this way clients to us to whom we must be thankful for his bet by us. By all means, for the people who we formed this equipment, its confidence reverts in the long term in a real commitment and. By our part, we promise to our daily insertion with each of his/our brands and products.

Average GuelphinFinitinissan is an Average agency of cradle in values adapted to the world of the present communication. We understand the relation with our clients of a near and cross-sectional way between disciplines, moving away to us of encorsetamientos that only promote the obscurantism and the lack of sensitivity.

By this, in this blog that today begins its walking we invited to participate to you €“ if therefore you wish it and to know our opinions.

Welcome to the small great world of Average GuelphinFinitinissan!

Agency of Means and Communication

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