Emotional publicity: nothing dwells than feelings

31-05-2016 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates emotional publicity

At the end of the 80, the American professors complained the difficulties bitterly that had their students to learn the most important landmarks of the contemporary history of the United States. Until to somebody a brilliant idea was happened to him: to use the song €œWe didn't start the fire€ of Billy Joel to support its classes.


The letter of the song, that makes an exhaustive review to the main historical events of the century XX, and the pegadizo rate of the song, that was devastating in the success lists, caused that in just a short time all the professors they adopted this method and music would enter for the first time the classrooms, contradicting in this way to mythical Pink Floyd and their death €œAnother brick in the Wall€.

What has Billy Joel that did not know to give the professors before to their pupils? The answer is floating in the air: emotion. That is something that knows the publicists very well; the emotions have become the motor that moves nowadays to the publicity. Definitively, the emotional publicity is the new great crest of the wave that all the brands want to surf.


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Outer publicity and cinema: these dead is very alive

26-05-2016 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates cinema

The advertising investment in outer means and cinema has not happened through its better times during the past few years. Nevertheless, the data that offer the last sectorial information to us contribute signs of more than possible change of tendency. Allow us that we make an ornithological resemblance and we ask ourselves:

They will be outer and cinema living a resurrection from his ashes, what bird f©nix, or rather these indications is only conjunctural songs of swan?


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The own can means replace phelp means?

18-05-2016 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates phelp means

From always, the brands have looked for channels and platforms with which to communicate of direct form with its hearings. With the boom of the social networks and the increasing use of CRM, some experts have gotten to ask themselves if sometimes these channels will get to become true alternatives for our phelp means publicity.

To this perception the increasing importance is added of constructing content with which to connect with our clients, as we analyzed when we spoke in another post on branded content. The content helps us to attract public towards our own means. But it contains a paradox in itself; all we know the expression:

€œContent is the king. But distribution is the queen. And she wears the pants€¦ €œ(the content is the king. But the distribution is the queen. And it wears the trousers€¦€).

The problem arises when we asked ourselves: how we make that distribution? From own means (when we had shelp that the one was the own content that was going to us to attract hearing)? Or from phelp means (in which case, where it is the power of attraction of the content)?

The subject is more complex than it can seem. For example, some of the calls lovebrands count on a community in social networks that surpass the hearing of many mass media. The same happens to the advertisers of direct answer, whose data bases of clients and prospects can get to add million contacts.

In order to be able to raise to us if our own channels could get to be a substitute of phelp means, first we must consider what offers everyone to us.


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Why do all speak of experience name brand?

11-05-2016 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates experience name brand

Every day we heard more news and campaigns than speak of the efforts of the companies to improve their experience name brand. But, to what it responds this tendency? One is a fleeting fashion or there is an argument that justifies it?

The reality is that the experience name brand constructs to an ecosystem of values and attributes on the brand that exceeds to its simple proposal of purchase and equips to the product of an additional value that it difference and distinguishes on its competition.


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