Radioeficacia, a campaign that gives much that to listen

30-06-2016 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates

That the mass media are magnificent supports to help to sell publicity effectively is a very well well-known reality by all. Almost as much because these same means do not know to be sold with effectiveness to themselves with publicity. Probably because many means and supports show to major interest in securing their commercial objectives that in understanding the needs and expectations of their hearing and to put in value how they can solve them.

For that reason, Radioefic cia, an initiative of the Catalan Associaci³ of R dio has surprised us pleasingly (ACR), in which all the more powerful transmitters of Catalonia are included almost, to present the virtues means between its radio listeners.


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How to prescribe the sale online of your products

27-06-2016 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates

Among all the objectives that marketing persecutes, there is one emphasizes over the others: to generate sales. To sell is the last aim of any plan of marketing and, on this objective, they turn and all the actions are satisfied that realises a brand.

Nevertheless, the process of stimulation of sales has undergone a deep transformation with the irruption of the digital world. The boom of the electronic, social commerce commerce and the strategies SOLOMO (that combine the digital communication in the social scope, local and movable) have opened a new universe of sale opportunities online and to communicate with the potential clients and condition the traditional ways of commercial activation.


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Sobreimpactar to your hearing has a price

22-06-2016 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates frequency

The objective of all planning consists of reaching the optimal point that allows that a campaign is seen by the greater possible amount of potential clients (cover) a sufficient number of times (frequency) so that the message is engraving in its minds.

At the time of planning, special attention is lent to that the campaign reaches the necessary cover and the suitable frequency, so that the correct combination of both variables allows the construction of the campaign memory that is tried.

The success of a campaign depends on the optimization of both parameters; if these are below the objectives that we have marked ourselves, the campaign will not remain recorded in the mind of the hearing, limiting the generated opportunities of sale. Although this situation this situation is relatively easy to correct extending the campaign. Nevertheless, the risk that implies an excess of cover and, mainly, of frequency, is much greater.

So that our frequency is effective, it must be placed in an optimization interval within which the campaign reaches its point of maximum yield. This rank is obtained observing the curves decay, that demonstrates to us how much the advertising notoriety with each incremental unit of pressure and frequency is increased; thanks to these graphs, it is possible to determine the point from which the construction of campaign is residual; that is to say, when a incremental unit of pressure or frequency contributes a minimum increase in the campaign memory, and therefore, it is ineffective and dispensable.

Or at least, this it is the approach that traditionally has followed the advertising industry. But some recent studies are demonstrating that the inefficiency is not only €“ nor main €“ the problem that undergoes a campaign when it sobrehits to his hearing.

Some experts speak of which, when escaping this limit, we are saturating our clients and this can take to generate a rejection to them towards the campaign; to this end saturation he knows himself him as clutter advertising.


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The Academy of the Publicity and the SAR declares the war to the anglicisms

09-06-2016 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates

Engagement, insight, brainstorming, storytelling, target, funnel, branded content€¦ The dictionary of the marketing research (pardon, marketing) and the present publicity is filled with words and concepts in English. There is document, presentation or no event in which we are not with that luck of Spanglish so popularized, in Castilian and English that are mixed incessantly.

As much it is thus, that the incorporation of anglicisms to our vocabulary is a constant dripping. Today no longer we spoke to segment, but of €˜targetear€™; we did not communicate to our agency a project to him, rather €˜briefamos€™ them and have stopped verifying the things to check them.


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