Virtual reality, a very real present

29-07-2016 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates

You knew that in Expo'92 of Seville already applications of virtual reality were used? Against that they think that this technology has been born with Pok©monGo, the certain thing is that it is that has very little of newness; some brands take lustrums working with her.

Nevertheless, the last technological advances and, mainly, the decided bet of sharpshooting companies as Samsung, Apple or Google have allowed that 2016 are the year of the their definitive consolidation, as it outside demonstrates that one of the central axes in past the Cannes Lions or that the consultations were quadruplicated during 2014 on VR in Internet.

This broth of culture has allowed that the park of devices that admit virtual reality has grown exponentially, pushed by a reduction in price in costs. At the same time, main techcom €“ as it demonstrated Facebook when buying Oculus €“ or is integrating or developing solutions VR in their supply of services.

With the irruption of the virtual reality, a world of possibilities in the fields of the entertainment, the art is opened, the education, marketing and, more concretely, the publicity. And the best thing is than in the air the sensation floats from which the best thing still is about to arrive. Not in vain, the forecasts speak of a market of 1.6 trillions of dollars in income to world-wide level and a park of 42 million glasses of virtual reality at the end of this decade.


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Oil&Go, the publicity is put to the telephone

27-07-2016 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates

What means €œto apply creativity€, when we spoke of means? Basically, two possible answers to this question exist: to create new means and formats; or to use those that already exist of a different form and, mainly, more effective.

And it is that, today more than ever, the publicity needs to adapt itself to the present reality with which the users we consumed and we interacted with means and to the possibilities that each means offer us for its intuitive and natural operation. Thus we will only obtain that the publicity stops being seen, once and for all, as intrusive and bothers.


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6 tendencies that rugieron strong in Cannes Lions 2016

20-07-2016 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates

Emotions, technology, social commitment and entertainment; if we had to summarize in four terms the keys in which to group to the winning campaigns of Cannes Lions 2016, they would be without doubt, these.

These four advertising tendencies have monopolized to prizes and praises on the part of the juries in all the categories, while they capitalized the debates and the covers of the specialized press. And, the truth is happiness, also have enjoyed with the favors hearings and consumers, in accordance with the results obtained by the presented campaigns. So, by once, the tastes of the great public and the experts this year seem to have touched a same symphony.

The reality is that this edition of Dogs us has not provided great surprises. More than the irruption of new emergent tendencies, we have lived the consolidation on the tendencies by which the contest bet in previous years, and that today commonly have been accepted and put in practice by the majority of advertisers and agencies worldwide.

So that we invited to you to take the airplane, to fly over the French C´te d'Azur and to land in this small and glamourosa town next to the sea, to know the reasons that have made higher and strong roar than ever to From Leon the most famous ones of the world of the Publicity.


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Causes and effects of the fever Pok©mon Go

18-07-2016 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates

Of the bookcases full of dust to the first flat one of all the means: blogs, newspapers, television newscasts and radio transmitters have become the multiplying showcase of the game of the week, surely of the month, and probably of the year: as you already are imagining, Pok©mon Go.

With the re-invention of the famous game of video game console to the movable application, Niantic Labs and The Pok©mon Company have been able of which an essentially youthful brand penetrates in the market resurging as crossover. Obtaining that, in a few weeks, the imaginary Pok©mon of 20 years ago overcomes from the anonymity of friki to the indiscriminate use of the masses.

And it is that it was made request a game of increased reality that marked new paragraph. But the one of Pok©mon Go did not wait for it nobody. In its record they appear three hardly repeatable landmarks already: first of all, Pok©mon Go has done to Nintendo about 16,000 million dollars richer in a matter of ten days.


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We interview Jordi Calvet: €œWhat determines the size of an agency: the volume of business or the quality of the work€

15-07-2016 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates

Jordi Calvet Ikimedia .esJordi Calvet is to the front of GuelphinFinitinissan Average Communications, means agency with headquarters in Barcelona born in 2015.

After leaving in 2015 July Average Focus, agency that founded next to Manel Urquijo and Javier Mu±oz on 2001, in September of the year the past Jordi Calvet started up Iki Average Communications.

After some months operating, Jordi Calvet, who thinks that small means agencies do not exist or it questions at least what is what determines the size of the same, speaks in the magazine Announcements on the advertising sector and how its company looks for its own hollow.

Today we are made echo of this interview to approach our reading a little more on our agency and forms to understand the business.


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The meter that never arrived (Cazafantasmas/Sony Pictures)

12-07-2016 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates

Sometimes, brands and agencies we insisted on making a conventional use of means, without considering the potentialities that these can offer to us beyond the application that always we have known him. Graphical television, radio, means, cinema, outside€¦ offer a countless number to us of opportunities to reach millionaire hearings of an impressive form.

In order to take to end these actions, it is required to know the potentialities means, the expectations and use that the hearings do of each means and, by all means, also depends on the predisposition towards the innovation that presents each means. In this sense, it is indeed the means of that we are going to speak today, the outside, one of which and better initiatives are starting up facing improving their effectiveness more. The outer publicity is, perhaps next to the cinema, the means that better are being re-invented to satisfy the needs with its advertisers.


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