Communication and Publicity, a future common

25-08-2016 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates comunicacion_ikimedia

The tendency towards which the present marketing goes shows a scene in which the borders between the different disciplines from more blurred work are every day and where the distances that separated them use excessive respect every day more. Every time it costs more to distinguish what is publicity, what communication and what tasks are included from the marketing department.


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How to enamor to Generation Z?

22-08-2016 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates

Generation Z, formed by the half-full been born ones from the ninety, is called to hardly inherit the reins of the global economy in some years. Experts in marketing and publicity agree in auguring that the future on the brands he will depend on which their favors know to gain while still they are young. Therefore, the industry has sent to a war race against the clock to conquer them.

Nevertheless, this work is much more complex of outside with preceding generations; its noticeable autonomy and more aloof to be manipulated reactivity turn them to one of targets to the one than ever we have faced.

In order to approach them and to know what motivates to them we must study to his idols and the values that represent. In Average Iki we have analyzed to 6 of these new superheroes and their super-powers to enamor to aloof Generation Z.


The Z-Men, the universe of new heroes of Generation Z 

The idols of Generation Z are well little looked like those of their brothers majors. No longer they are musical stars, soccer players or actors, but among them there are characters of fiction, independent authors or figures of the political and social activism.

Its land of game also is much of the one of its predecessors. Its natural surroundings are purely digital, where they move as fish in the water, something natural concerning the first digital and connected native generation.

Also they are characterized by his ideological independence; when working of independent form with their own means, their currents of opinion are exempt of the encorsetamiento of a record company or one editorial. They are absolutely unpredictable and free to express as they want, something that the members of generation Z demand to them and admire.

These reasons would be enough to justify in case single the generational breach that is being opened and that makes difficult to the coexistence between this new generation and the predecessors, whose popular culture moved in some very different parameters.

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Storytelling, the perfect gasoline for your social average

09-08-2016 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates

It has rained much from those timid and hesitating initial steps of the brands after conquering the world of the social networks. From the first moment, we knew very clearly opened before us a new world of opportunities for the operation of the communication name brand. We only needed to find how.

Today, when one decade of the presence of brands in social networks is marked, the social average marketing continues looking for that grial santo that, more than to be hidden, it evolves while the users do it to whom he tries to enamor. Storytelling can be so wished answer.


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August a damn is month for the publicity?

05-08-2016 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates

A year more, we faced the inevitable question when August arrives, the month of vacation by antonomasia:

it is worth the pain to follow in campaign in these dates?

A debate to which, without a doubt, it does not need to those in favor and detractors. And it is that, it is not possible to be shelp that both sides do not tell on sufficient arguments their favor. Of average country rambling by beaches and campings and mass media with writings in picture and the grills of the programming in state of absolute anarchy, the data of hearing and cover take control more complicated than ever to anticipate.

Nevertheless, that our users are of vacation does not mean that they are immune to the enchantments of the publicity. Or it is in the home, in the office or in the chiringuito of the beach, the reality is that all we continued reading the newspaper, listening the radio, sailing by Internet or seeing the aloof TV shows that are emitted in these dates.

After all, the majority of the brands does not stop being only sold because it is time of summer. Rather on the contrary, some sectors live almost exclusively on the sales that realise during these months, given their temporality.


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