Extraction brightness to your actions of Product Placement

29-09-2016 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates

In spite of the emergency of other means, no is able to do shade to him to the television as unquestionable king of the publicity. There is no another means that approach the possibilities that the television offers to construct to cover, notoriety and memory to us name brand.

In fact, the advertising effectiveness of the television does not make but increase, as it demonstrates study ROIMAP made by Atresmedia Publicidad and Tres14 Research, that measure the effectiveness and yield of different means at the time of generating notoriety name brand and determine the effect that has mix of means in terms of yield and the notoriety.

The study, presented the past month of July, demonstrates how the effectiveness of means television has undergone a remarkable growth in the last three years, and confirms that, to maximize the notoriety, the quota of investment in television would have to be placed at least in 62.7% (data half last 5 years). With this quota of investment, the TV is able to generate 75.5% of the notoriety of the brands, being the means with ROI major (120).


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The 4 questions that you must do before sending a blog to you

23-09-2016 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates

Every time they are plus the brands that bet to integrate the blog in their strategy of communication and digital marketing. Without a doubt, one is a decision than right, if we consider the multiple benefits that the blog contributes to your corporative communication.

In fact, the blogs are becoming the central axis from which to articulate the strategy of digital communication, since the publication variety and frequency that contain favor the search engine optimization and the pick up of organic traffic of the brand.

Nevertheless, before starting up a blog, we must consider some basic concepts that will help us to identify what objectives we want to obtain with our blog and how we can do it efficiently.


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The Dr. Frankenstein and the club of the dead poets

19-09-2016 by Javier Mu±oz Strategic dualism: the numerical thing against the humanistic.

September of year 2016. On the one hand, the surroundings of the means agencies direct its glance to the parameters that the Dr. Frankenstein persecuted: the human being is a formula and as so we are going to respond. On the other hand, we have the direct knowledge based on the experience; in expertise of the planning professionals, its common sense that one also sustains in concepts nearer the advertising scope and in learned lessons cradles in data but that they came from traditional sources and basic llam©mosle€¦ humanist. Two tendencies that are autoexplican thinking about the other of found and antagonistic form.

The doctor of the formulas represents the current metaphorically that bases its decision making on the processing of great amounts of data, the one of econometric the explanatory and predictive analyses, that is to say, the mathematical one. The one of the poet fits more with the world of the strategic planning, with insight, the communication. As Theodore Levitt shelp: €œThe publicity is the poetry of the commerce€ and as to so treats it.

The fight between the doctor and the poet

Tendencies in fight between old that do not finish going and the new thing that does not finish arriving. Tendencies that have their origin in ways to understand the planning and in two worlds that according to Zygmun Bauman are of backs with one another: the online one versus offline. The line dates versus the line emotion. Exact sciences versus the humanities. The calculation versus the creativity. The sequences against the holistic thought intuitive.

Two faces of the same currency, two worlds that are not in the end understood the one without (or against) the other although lie down to converge, to ally itself.


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The publicity makes zoom lens on Instagram

16-09-2016 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates

It has rained much since Instagram saw the light in October of 2010. From the beginning, Instagram has lived exponential growths; it hardly surpassed the million users in two months. Some data that woke up the interest of Facebook, that absorbed the platform in April of 2012, to reinforce its supply and audio-visual catalogue.

Six years later, Instagram counts with more than 400 million active users to the month and it has become one of the more popular social networks of the world. Their data are astronomical: 30 trillions of photos shared to the month, 70 million new photos raised the day and more than 1.6 daily trillions of likes.

In Spain, it does not remain to the rear: it is the fifth more well-known and preferred social network (mainly by the feminine public), the fourth best one valued (in front of Facebook, its proprietor) and third more used by the users €“ besides the mail networks -, that spend 2 ' 40 hours to him to the week.

These data have animated to many brands to open account in Instagram. And they have done it, in addition, with a very active presence: 73% of the brands, at least, publish a photo or video to the week and receive an average of 19,000 commentaries to the month.


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How to know if your strategy SEO is successful

12-09-2016 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates

To work the organic positioning or SEO of a brand is an ungrateful work sometimes; their results usually are not visible short term, the return can be difficult to measure and, meanwhile, it is normal that doubts on if arise to us we go by the good way.

The positioning campaigns Web can even take weeks or months before offering tangible movements in the positioning of your keywords in web search engines. When we implemented a strategy SEO or we reviewed the structure of key words, he is advisable to establish beforehand a process to verify if the realised efforts fulfill the expectations of the positive results that we have marked ourselves and to realise a pursuit of the same.

The measurement of a SEO campaign varies according to the approach of real business and of the objectives it nails that they have been defined.  However, they exist some indicating key of yield (or Key Indicators Performance) with which is possible to be parametrizar the effectiveness of any strategy SEO.


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