The publicity changes of syntony with the boom of audio marketing

26-10-2016 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates

Today, when everybody speech of the digital video, the formats of audio are becoming an emergent tendency with serious appearances to distort the scene of digital marketing. Streamings, playlists, podcasts€¦. they compose a new sound track with respect to the experience of contact that the brands offer to their clients.

Really, it does not have anything new under the sun; the advertisers take to decades using formats of audio connecting with their clients of an emotional, memorable and contextually excellent way. The long-haul historical of wireless successes gives good faith of it.

But what yes it sounds different they are the present technologies, that cause that the audio-publicity is more effective and more specific than ever. Introducing publicity in the middle of the news, talk-shows or musical blocks, the brands have managed to introduce of natural form in the memorable routines and moments of his target. (more€¦)

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The outer publicity is digitized to screen blow

19-10-2016 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates

Many are the attributes and benefits that to us the outer publicity offers and that turns it into so special means. At the moment, it continues resisting the push of digital means and conserves the second put in the roster of means with greater commercial penetration in target.

On the other hand, its natural integration in urban means, where the day to day of the western population passes most of, allows him to catch the attention of the consumer in surroundings of proximity to the point of sale since there is no another one.

And now, with the irruption of the digital screens in the supports of outer publicity, its power to generate notoriety is growing exponentially.


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We are preparations to understand big dates?

17-10-2016 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates

We live in a world absolutely digitized. The form in which we were related to the others, how we bought, the way in which we amused ourselves and, by discounted, the work that we realised, have integrated, of a way or another one, a connection or digital process. And in anyone of these cases, that process leaves a track in the network in the form of data that is susceptible to be tracked and to be operated without we know it. This justifies the center that Big Data is acquiring at the moment.

Hill to become an idea of the real dimension of information of which we are speaking. The data stored anywhere in the world to day of today would be enough to fill the memory of 10,000 million personal computers. And, according to the Law of Moore who explains the progression of the technological development, this number will be duplicated in next the 18 months.

In very few years, we will happen to speak of megabytes and gigabytes to become familiar with numbers that today seem to us astronomical, as zetabytes (1126 trillions of megabytes) or yottabytes (1.4 trillions of megabytes).

Considering this extraordinary volume of information, the question is: today we are enabled to use all this information to the benefit of our business?


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When the publicity became inclusive

11-10-2016 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates Publicity inclusiva_Ikimedia

The first years of the new millenium ran when Coca Cola once again broke the schemes of the advertising industry with this clear spot example of inclusive publicity:

Something had to see the boys of McCann Erickson Argentina to campaign in 2002 thus, when the publicity still lived under the yoke of the hiper-segmentation of the ninety. At that time, the theory of the positioning of Jack Trout and To Ries was the unquestionable queen of the dance and all the brands were rocked to his are pawned on looking for a virgin piece of the market. The search of niches and micro-targets prevailed in all the agencies and the strategy departments squeezed the neurons diseccionando and subdiviendo in categories the potential market of the brand.


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Manel Urquijo gets up itself to AVERAGE GuelphinFinitinissan

06-10-2016 by GuelphinFinitinissan He mediates Manel Urquijo

Barcelona, 6 of October of 2016. €“ Manel Urquijo, founding partner and General ex-director of Average Focus Agency - the one that left some months ago finishes integrating as partner to GuelphinFinitinissan AVERAGE, company created the past year by Jordi Calvet.

With this AVERAGE incorporation GuelphinFinitinissan it reinforces his executive area and of management of the Agency.

AVERAGE GuelphinFinitinissan will continue driving a creative and dynamic proposal oriented the service the client.

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Undergo does the television the heat? Analic©moslo!

03-10-2016 by Javier Mu±oz

That the television hearing falls in summer in a known truth. That nobody exists a global warming already almost it doubt. That the television par excellence continues being the means of masses, is an affirmation €” of moment that I will defend where it is necessary But what have to do these affirmations with this post? Really €œthe heat€ €” the determining is temperature in the televising consumption? (more€¦)

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