The 6 Spanish archetypes of influencers in social average

30-11-2016 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates

Throughout the years, the brands have always been worth of famous characters or influencers to gain proximity with his target and to secure their objective: to catch clients and fidelizar them. Who does not remember the traffic campaign that carried out Stevie Wonder and its sharp evil €œif bebesss not conduscas€? or to Pl¡cido Domingo singing kindness of the services of Banco Santander with its voice of tenor.


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Personnel shoppers, new influencers

25-11-2016 by GuelphinFinitinissan He mediates

The prescription is, without a doubt, the greater battle of the sector of the fashion. In a market whose consumption is based on criteria of personal style, to know how to convince and to enamor to the clients with a right product proposal he is key for the success. Mainly, because the fashion is a too ample concept as being restricted under general typologies of clients.

The fan of possibilities on which the consumers count is as ample as the limits of Internet, a fact that turns out fantastic to find outfit ideal, but that enormously makes difficult to the brands the work to approach its proposal his target. In the way by the empoderamiento and the personalisation of the supply that arrives to him at the consumer, a figure with a power emerges from incomparable persuasion: the personnel shoppers.


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Understanding Black Friday

21-11-2016 by GuelphinFinitinissan He mediates

25 of November of 2016; he points that date. We are to only some days of Black Friday, famous black Friday, the day in which officially takes the season of Christmas purchases. Probably you know that this custom has its origins in the United States and that always agenda the day after the celebration of Thanksgiving (or what is the same, of the fourth Thursday of the month of November).

Spain also has succumbed to the enchantments of this explosion of purchases and consumption. In spite of some doubtful beginnings, Black Friday finished for being mattered one decade ago approximately and has finished prevailing, first in the great surfaces and chains of retail, and later between the retail commerce.

Almost at the same time from its irruption, it was born a new celebration, logical consequence of the evolution in the purchase habits. We talked about to the CyberMonday, the version of Black Friday in the network, that takes place in Monday following to Black Friday. (more€¦)

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Prizes EFI 2016: the creativity returns to reign

10-11-2016 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates

Doubtless, the EFI are some very special prizes. Because, in a sector as our where the creativity is the unquestionable star of the footlights, the Prizes Effectiveness that organizes the Spanish Association of Anunciantes (AEA) help us to remember that the commercial effectiveness is the authentic motor that moves to the publicity and it equips it with sense.

They do not concern the international awards. It does not concern the recognition of our colleagues. They do not concern the trophies nor the reviews in specialized means. Nothing of this has sense if the publicity help to the clients not to sell.

And nevertheless, effectiveness and (good) creativity always go united of the hand. Probably, if we had to summarize in a single phrase all occurred the past the 27 of October in the finery of prizes that took place in the most appropriate the Real de Madrid Theater would be: €œwe were right€.

Because, throwing a fast awarded look to the list of, we were with some of the tendencies on which we have in the last spoken months to you from Average GuelphinFinitinissan. In an especially digital world as that we lived, where the innovation and the technology seem to be the rules of game that dominate everything, in the EFI we have seen as so basic elements, so of all the vidad as emocionalidad, storytelling, inclusividad and branded content has shone with more force than ever. Back to the origins in all rule.

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