10 things that you must know on the terrestrial digital radio

30-03-2017 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates Wheel of the volume of one terrestrial digital radio

Until some ago years, the end of the analogical radio was foretold as something imminent, something similar to which it happened previously with his older sister, the television, when we lived the boom on the implantation of the TDT. But, after a time hoping the incorporation of the terrestrial digital radio to our lives and the substitution of the present analogical receivers by movable devices €“ with the changes at all the levels that both facts would suppose, the fact is that there are to admit that the star of the radio follows still alive and shining through the waves. (more€¦)

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Growth Hacking, the tendency that is revolutionizing digital marketing

27-03-2017 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates

Growth Hacking (literally, I hack into of the growth) is a term that not yet is very extended in Spain, but in the United States already she is one of the words fashionable within digital marketing, especially between startups. And it is a term that agrees to us to know, since more and more companies ask for this professional profile for their groups.

The philosophy of the Growth Hacking is quite clear and concise: the greater benefit for a company with especially digital operation through the minimum possible investment looks for. (more€¦)

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GuelphinFinitinissan Mediates: an attractive agency to work

17-03-2017 by Javier Mu±oz

The study €œBest Agency to Work€ of Scopen locates to Average GuelphinFinitinissan in fifth position between the means agencies of Barcelona (puromarketing.com).


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The main social networks renew their services

17-03-2017 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates

The surroundings of digital marketing and the social networks are in constant evolution, as it is it the society of nowadays, where every time we have more communication channels. The different social networks that we handled day to day renew with the aim of which the user has through them a more complete experience and to be placed in the head of a so competitive and emergent market as this one.

For this reason, in the last months, we have been able to attend numerous changes in the scope of the social networks. These have been renewed little by little, implementing options to compete among them and to manage to create the fidelity of a user who at the moment has numerous means to share content and, in many occasions, must be decided by one of them. (more€¦)

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DARI, exclusive the technological solution of Average GuelphinFinitinissan

08-03-2017 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates

Average GuelphinFinitinissan offers to their clients as added value integration in their service of the technology and tools DARI (Data, Analytics, Research, Intelligence).


DARI is exclusive a technological solution of Average GuelphinFinitinissan. It works as surroundings of data bases (it dates pipes) multi-variate that explain to us €“ in one first stage, a holistic vision envelope which happens in a publicity campaign. With DARI, we present a step forward in our bet to understand and to know the relations between the different facts from a communication campaign, their consequences, connections and thus, to discover and how and why these the used campaigns and means have helped to fulfill the pre-selected targets.

This deep and integrated understanding of the situation (past) is actionable and feeds back the system to select new (and futures) scenes of action, where we will be able to optimize the cost-benefit of each of our actions of communication. (more€¦)

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