Is the television the means leader to generate impacts?

28-04-2017 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates television average leader in generating impacts

It is spoken of the irruption of the new technologies and the reach of Internet much, to the detriment of the traditional means use as the television. But, really it continues being viable brands to announce them in this means or, as some praise, is the television dead? (more€¦)

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Social Ads: What formats exist and why they serve?

25-04-2017 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates to manage social ads

That the social networks are not a properly advertising space, does not mean that they are not, as any other means, an suitable place to program campaigns. Or a long time ago the marketeros assimilated that to publish posts on supplies, products or promotions they do not generate sales or visits. In fact, social networks, as Facebook, penalize or directly they prohibit this publication type, to the detriment of its own advertising formats. (more€¦)

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Branding: naming is the new logo

20-04-2017 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates

When we spoke of a brand not only we spoke of the associated product to her, but of all type of perceptions and sensations who a client can experience around her when seeing the logo, when reading his name, when entering the webpage, when he calls to his telephone of attention to the client€¦

The image that we were created on a brand is made up with the sum of all these impacts. For that reason, nowadays, it is more important that never to take care of each and every one of the aspects that surround to a product and its brand. Mainly, those that have major visibility and with that we can be found first since they are those that can be able to attract that sector of the public to whom we are wanted to orient. (more€¦)

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