They have future the autonomic televisions?

31-05-2017 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates analysis of the autonomic televisions

The future of the autonomic televisions one considers uncertain. We were in a hyperfragmented televising market, in which the hearings are every time smaller and before the one than many of these channels they have not known or been able to adapt to the technological changes, social and of consumption that the Spanish society has undergone recently.

We could affirm, therefore, that the autonomic televisions do not have future or we are being very negative with this affirmation? We are going to try to answer this question. (more€¦)

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5 reflections on the future of marketing

30-05-2017 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates The vision of the future in marketing

Marketing re-invents day to day and is in continuous evolution. It is impossible to know exactly which will be the tendencies that finish being based and in what will end, but that it is possible to anticipate itself to certain aspects. From this perspective, Adweek and Marketo interrogated to the attending experts to Marketing Nation Summit exceeds what needs the brands and agencies to be successful in the Economy of the Engagement, where all and everything are connected and the data transform and alter marketing.

According to the contributed answers, valuable reflections can be extracted about how the future of marketing it passes through an increasing interaction of the technology and marketing. This integration has created new surroundings that try to become jumbled and to understand better to the clients to whom we went, beyond stimulating sales. As a result of this analysis, Adweek has drawn the main conclusions that we presented to you as a summary. (more€¦)

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The AEDE wants to recover the value of #elpapeldelaprensa

25-05-2017 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates AEDE and the paper of the press

The Association of Newspaper Publishers of Spain (AEDE) started up 24 of April the past a oriented campaign to improve the public opinion on the social and cultural roll that plays the press at the moment. According to this association, the press is mass media that frequently are set out in unfavorable critics and opinions. This campaign tries to recover the image of prestige and reliability that the press traditionally has had. (more€¦)

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The perfect means to campaign local

23-05-2017 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates announcements for local campaigns

Many brands plan their campaigns of publicity according to the scope that reach. Based on this criterion, the campaigns can be international, national and local/regional. While the two first look for to construct a global message name brand directed to an ample totality of the population €“ cases as launchings or activation of products or global commercial campaigns, positioning or construction name brand, engagement€¦ -, the campaigns of local reach put their center in a concrete geographic scope and to its distribution in the same. (more€¦)

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Congratulations small!

22-05-2017 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates equipment Average finalist of GuelphinFinitinissan in the Young Lions 2017

From this post, we would like to very sincerely congratulate to Sonia Pi±ol and Kevin S¡nchez to arrive at the end of the Young Average Lions 2017 (Direct Marketing).

Really, boys, have much merit to be the youngest pair in the end (24 and 23 years) and to be the only finalists coming from the market of Barcelona. (more€¦)

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