AMP: the revolution of the mailing

26-02-2018 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates

In the next days one hopes that Google incorporates format AMP to the e-mail. This advance will suppose, apparently, an authentic revolution in this service as we know it today, since it will allow that as much Gmail as other post office gain in dynamism and interactivity. With this newness, the turn in the campaigns of e-mail marketing is assured. (more€¦)

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The TVE has found a hollow in the social networks to make publicity

15-02-2018 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates

They have already spent 8 years since we lived one on the transcendentalest moments for the world of the publicity and the television. The news did not leave indifferent anybody: the Law of Financing that entered January of 2010 in force prohibited the emission of announcements in the TVE. From this decree, our television, the television of all, happened to fund itself exclusively with the Euros that received from the coffers of the State, eliminating with a stroke of the pen the publicity of the public being. (more€¦)

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Facebook will penalize the content that takes advantage of the interaction to position itself

08-02-2018 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates

You open to Facebook and in your news feed, as always, more of the same: the majority of the publications that you really see to not contributes nothing you excellent; it would be possible to be done without them and it would not happen any hecatomb at world-wide level. Within this social dynamics, probably in more than an occasion you have run into, and you have even entered the rag, in those posts that ask that him DES €œI like€, share or mentions to a friend in exchange for obtaining a prize or simply to give vidilla to the subject. (more€¦)

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