The programmatic purchase will grow a 11% in 2018

22-03-2018 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates

Every year that happens, we are with new forms to make publicity that offer an effectiveness superior to which predominated previously. A clear example of it is the programmatic publicity, since, although it takes relatively just a short time between us, the base on which it is sustained has marked the actions in this sector from always. (more€¦)

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The investment in publicity went inferior to the cost in 2017

13-03-2018 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates

Ever since the publicity is publicity, it has always thought that there was a direct relation between advertising investment and consumption. Nevertheless, some experiences have demonstrated to us that, sometimes, this direct rule is not fulfilled. (more€¦)

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WhatsApp Business starts in Spain, how it works?

08-03-2018 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates

Almost no human can live already without this application of instantaneous mail in his mobile. For some years, WhatsApp has become the tool of communication between individuals par excellence, supplanting, doubtless, to traditional SMS and even, in certain circumstances, also to the voice calls. (more€¦)

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