How to arrive at the young people through the conventional outer publicity?

31-10-2018 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates outer publicity - he was digital

They are inconformistas, they have social commitment, they use his own vocabulary, they take care of his space and, mainly, they do not raise the view of the mobile. The young people, also known as the new kings the future, are some authentic native digitalises. In his existence they do not conceive a world where there is not Wifi, Instagram or YouTube. Its dependency of the technology arrives to such an extent that can simultaneously use 5 devices in certain occasions. (more€¦)

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Google extra disappears in August of the 2019

30-10-2018 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates Google closing extra 2019

We do not want that nobody feels like victim when tenth who Google Plus always was a social network that€¦ yes, but no. After 7 years of existence in which it has not finished taking off, will stop existing in 2019. Thus his creator has announced it after communicating that some weeks ago a failure in its security system took place that has supposed the access to the information deprived of more than 500,000 people. (more€¦)

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The Project Trust, the answer of means to fake news

29-10-2018 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates The trust project: The danger of the false news

€œBefore the threat of fake news, journalism€. That butcher is to the new The initiative Project Trust to defend the transparency and the reliability of the news over everything. We took to time needing a project this spread to restrain the reach of the false news, or with truths by halves, that as much damage are doing in the present society. (more€¦)

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How it affects to the publicity the new European audio-visual norm?

26-10-2018 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates European norm

Probably, the great majority of the people who read this post will affirm that it has give inn to the arms of some platform online, or several, to see series, films, documentary€¦ it isn't thus?

Nevertheless, in this occasion we will not speak of tendencies, but of the new European norm that affects completely to the sector of the publicity and the protection of smallest in the audio-visual plane. Due to the great relevance and the considerable use of this format, it was time question that some specific directives appeared in scene to regulate this phenomenon. (more€¦)

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Why it has created Google a false brand of pizza?

24-10-2018 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates The brand of pizza of Google

Only listening to the word pizza, already the mouth is made us water€¦ When reading this holder, can seem that a new brand has arrived to increase the listing of temptations, but is not thus. In fact, one is an experiment that Google has taken to end to verify the effectiveness of the announcements in YouTube. Whatever if in the news speech of pizza and publicity, our satisfaction is double! (more€¦)

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Campaign of presentation of XX the edition of the Prizes Effectiveness

22-10-2018 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates

#TºHacesEficacia. With this hashtag so direct and powerful one appears, nothing else and nothing less, than XX the edition of the Prizes Effectiveness that is celebrated the 25 of October. And as 20 years are not marked every day, from the Spanish Association of Advertisers and SCOPEN, that are in charge to impel and to organize this event, they have thought about doing something different. (more€¦)

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Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook return to do it again

18-10-2018 by GuelphinFinitinissan He mediates facebook returns to do it

What was of the mea culpa that Mark Zuckerberg some months ago intoned to have filtered the data of 87 million profiles? What we have known recently makes us think that those words of repentance the wind has taken to them. We were with the second delivery of the saga €œFacebook and the infringement of the security of its data€. (more€¦)

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