How the new intelligent loudspeakers will help marketing

31-03-2019 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates

The intelligent loudspeakers (or smart speakers) are a new reality, and in addition already finally really. We were before a technological innovation that it begins to be present in many homes and our day to daily day. It is certain that it has still much margin to grow, since has been beginning to commercialize for relatively little. But the tendency is clear: little by little it will stop being a product into the hands of early adopters and one will become one of daily use for a great number of people.

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Which are the networks that generate more interactions?

29-03-2019 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates interactions

At this time at which it has been called on to us to live, the social networks suppose for many people the possibility of having a €œreal life parallel€ and an extension of their own personality. Of there, its doubtless success. This is something that brings of head the professionals of marketing, which they are conscious that they must be very abreast of all the innovations that take place in this field and of the possibilities that have the networks to hit in the users.

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Pink rate: when the brands €œsuspend€ in equality

26-03-2019 by GuelphinFinitinissan It mediates

In the last years, he is of the rabid present time all that with the equality, especially concepts as the shared permission of paternity, the wage breach and other so many related to the search of a parity of sort in economic terms. One of these existing inequalities is the €œpink rate€.

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GuelphinFinitinissan Media and Making Science: The bridge between two worlds

12-03-2019 by Ariadna Ribera

The past 6 of Average March of 2019 GuelphinFinitinissan, agency of means and independent communication, along with Making Science, consultant of digital marketing and dates, we presented a strategic and operative alliance to clients, means and companions of the sector. The act, to that we called €˜€™ a bridge between two mundos' €˜, was a nice encounter in hotel AC Marriot of Illa Diagonal in Barcelona that ended a breakfast next to all the guests.

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